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Spin-X CD-R Media Spin-X 52x CD-R 80min 700MB White Thermal Hub Printable

Spin-X 52x CD-R 80min 700MB White Thermal Hub Printable

Founded in 1990 Spin-X has accumulated vital experience in the R&D manufacturing and sales of storage media and has become one of the top-three disc manufacturers in the world. With its outstanding R&D ability and long-term cooperating with some Japanese media companies Spin-X's advanced media awarded world-class certification. With superior quality sufficient capacity and worldwide logistics service Spin-X provides OEM/ODM services for most famous international brands and gains excellent reputation in the storage media market. The true silver on silver cdr is a very popular CDR media because it is durable reliable and looks the same as an originally made CD.

Manufacturer: Spin-X
Model Number: 80R52SNG-WTH100B
Part Number: 46112927

  • Category: CD-R Media
  • Capacity: 700MB 80Min
  • Type: CD-R
  • Surface: White Thermal Hub
  • Speed: 52X
  • Full face hub printable, thermal printable all the way to the center hole - Not compatible with inkjet printers
  • AAA Certified, Spin-X has made a name for itself among duplication professionals and consumers.
  • Excellent compatibility with most CD-R/CD-RW drives
  • Made for Professional use, Low data error rate
  • Advanced Phthalocyanine dye guarantees high duality

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