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Spin-X Digital Audio CDR Media Spin-X 12X Digital Audio Music CD-R 80min 700MB White Inkjet

Spin-X 12X Digital Audio Music CD-R 80min 700MB White Inkjet

Our Spin-X Digital Audio CDR is a premium professional grade Digital Audio CD-R. These Digital Audio (DA) CDRs are the media needed for recording on Philips, Pioneer, Harman/Kardon, JVC & Marantz (and others) brands of home CD-Recorders. Known as Digital Audio, these are the media supported by consumer audio-only cd-to-cd home recorders.

These consumer audio-only CD-R discs meet the standards of the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) of 1992, which requires a royalty to be paid by the disc manufacturer to the music industry. These CD-R's support the Serial Copy Management System. The purpose of SCMS is to protect the copyright of recorded CDs. Recorders that support the SCMS standard are designed to only work with Digital Audio media that supports the SCMS format.

SCMS allows a perfect duplicate copy of a CD to be made. Once recorded, it will play in any CD player just as the disk from which it is copied. However, the recorded disk cannot be used to generate a copy of itself. This "copy of a copy" protection is the purpose of the SCMS recording mode.

Manufacturer: Spin-X
Model Number: 80R40M-WI100B
Part Number: 46112983

  • Category: Digital Audio CDR Media
  • Capacity: 700MB 80Min
  • Type: CD-R DA
  • Surface: White Inkjet
  • Speed: 12X
  • Non hub printable, inkjet printable
  • AAA Certified, Spin-X has made a name for itself among duplication professionals and consumers.
  • Digital Audio (Music Only) CDRs are used for deck (non-computer).
  • Made for Professional use, Low data error rate
  • Advanced Phthalocyanine dye guarantees high duality

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