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Ritek Ridata DVD-R Media Ritek Ridata 16X DVD-R 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable
  • SKU: RID20016WI

Ritek Ridata 16X DVD-R 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable

RIDATA uses an exclusive high quality Phase Change material in the recording layer that ensures reliable recording and playback. Ideal for massive archival storage duplication network back-up multimedia presentations and digital video/photography editing these DVD-R discs will prove useful for a wide array of projects.

RIDATA ensures high durability and reliability for a variety of recording situations making it a versatile storage solution. Ideal for anyone requiring data-intensive high-performance data storage RIDATA discs will beat your expectations.

Manufacturer: Ritek Ridata
Model Number: DRD-4716-RDIW50N2

  • Category: DVD-R Media
  • Capacity: 4.7GB 120Min
  • Type: DVD-R
  • Surface: White Inkjet Hub
  • Speed: 16X
  • Full face hub printable, inkjet printable all the way to the center hole
  • Excellent compatibility with writers and players
  • Relatively low cost per megabyte
  • Long-term data archiving and storage life time
  • Utilizes superb premium organic dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality

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