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Princo 56X CD-R 80min 700MB White Inkjet Hub
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Princo 56X CD-R 80min 700MB White Inkjet Hub

PRINCO's CD-R disc meets or exceeds Orange Book Part II specifications. Once recorded, PRINCO's CD-R discs can be read in CD-ROM drivers and its formats are conformed to the Yellow Book standard. PRINCO's CD-R disc can store various formats of data including CD audio, video CD, Video image, computer graphics and regular text files. CD-R is the least expensive recordable storage medium in the Optical market. Additionally, PRINCO's CD-R discs feature an excellent and durable dye recording layer which provides better archival life. A silver reflective layer is used to ensure stable read back at high speed driver. PRINCO's CD-R disc are the ideal media for application such as library storage, duplication and retrieval, desktop publishing with large image storage, software sample developing and new programs testing as well as personal medical records.

Manufacturer: Princo
Model Number: PRINCO-005755

  • Category: CD-R Media
  • Capacity: 700MB 80Min
  • Type: CD-R
  • Surface: White Inkjet Hub
  • Speed: 56X
  • Full face hub printable, inkjet printable all the way to the center hole
  • High quality organic dye recording layer materials improve short wavelength recording characteristics for reliable recording and playback
  • Precise substrate molding and improved disc bonding technologies effectively control tilt of the disc for outstanding reliability and durability

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