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Mediaxpo Blu-ray Cases PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm
Mediaxpo Blu-ray Cases PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm
Mediaxpo Blu-ray Cases PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm
Mediaxpo Blu-ray Cases PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm
Mediaxpo Blu-ray Cases PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm

PREMIUM STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm

Safely house a high definition Blu-ray disc from fingerprints, smudges, scratches, dirt and dust. Allows insertion of six Blu-ray disc into the case together with booklet on left side. Exterior comprises of clear sheet which allows the insert to be inserted and viewed.

Manufacturer: Mediaxpo

  • Category: Blu-ray Cases
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: Standard
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Capacity: 6 Disc Sextuple
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Measurement: 171mm x 135mm x 14mm (6 3/4 x 5 3/8 x 1/2 inches)
  • Made of premium high quality super clear polypropylene plastic
  • Cases come with a full outer sleeve for cover art
  • Internal insert clips to hold booklet
  • Each case features a solid, robust clasp for locking
  • Multi discs compatible in slim form factor

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dennis M. (Pine Bush, US)

great value

Jerry B. (Sioux Falls, US)
Blu ray cases as advertised.

Just a describe. Pretty nice deal for the price.

G T. (Berkeley, US)
Blu-Ray 6-disc cases

Just what I was looking for. As other reviews noted they are a little thick in the middle with 6 discs inside but this doesn’t seem to cause any problems, they close solidly. Arrived well packed and with no damage to the cases.

Louise (Montrose, US)
25 STANDARD Clear Blu-Ray 6 Disc Cases 14mm

I wanted the regular standard cases, the length was too short.
My fault for not reading the measurements, Thanks!

Barry E.S. (Montgomery, US)
Blu ray replacement cases

Well made product, fast shipping and excellent service. Thank you. Barry from alabama

Jamie T. (Arlington, US)
Great value, couple issues

For the price, these are impossible to beat. That said, I have a few minor complaints.

The two hubs on the outer case don't hold very well, it's easy for a disc to drop out when opening the case. Nothing is going to fall of in storage - everything is locked up tight when the case is closed - but the soft plastic can flex when you open the case causing a disc to pop off as you open the case if you aren't careful.

The inner hubs have the opposite problem; the much harder plastic that the inserts are made of make it very hard to remove the discs. Once you figure out the technique of releasing the little nubs individually it's OK but not the best design.

Finally, 6 discs don't quite fit in the actual width of these cases, they bulge just a bit when fully loaded.

Overall they work fine for storage. They are well-made, generally, and look good. As a 6-disc solution, I'm happier with these than the standard sized ones that take up nearly twice as much shelf space. You need to get used to the inner hubs and I wish the outer ones locked a little better.

Wyldstaar (Fort Worth, US)
High Quality Case

I'm happy with these cases. They're sturdy and well designed. I just wish they were available in blue, like all the other cases.

Excelent Product

works great. also gave me an idea to ese the blue 4 disk ones as 6 disk

Perfect Product

Fantastic product to replace a damaged Jewel case. Reasonably priced and adaptable(from 1 to 6 discs). Fast and easy service and delivery. Simple solution to fix your favorite Blu ray when your stupid cats knock it off the top shelf!