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Mediaxpo Console Game Case Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases
Mediaxpo Console Game Case Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases
Mediaxpo Console Game Case Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases
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Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases

$103.95 $110.95
Glossy Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases for Nintendo DS Game.

Manufacturer: Mediaxpo

  • Category: Console Game Case
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 19mm
  • Capacity: 1 Disc Single
  • Type: Nintendo DS
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Measurement: 123mm x 136mm x 19mm (4 7/8 x 5 3/8 x 3/4 inches)
  • Made from 100% New Polypropylene material
  • Clear outer sleeve allows artwork insert
  • Included 2 interior plastic clips which can hold a booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel W. (Birmingham, US)

Black Nintendo DS Replacement Cases

JC (Seattle, US)
Well made cases

Top notch cases, they don't break just by looking at them like some aftermarket cases.

Like other have mentioned, they are a bit thicker than standard US DS cases. At 19mm thick they are about equivalent to EU DS cases. Which is fine for GBA games, but can stick out a bit for DS games.

In addition since they are thicker than normal, regular letter size paper won't cut it for printing cover art as it will be a little to small (technically on most printers--which require a .166 inch border on each side--letter size paper won't print it large enough even for regular DS cases--but it is just a lot more noticeable on a case that is even thicker).

Charles G. (Roseburg, US)
A bit too thick, but sturdy.

These are actually much thicker than normal DS cases, but it's sturdy and works very well.

Nghia L. (Lawrenceville, US)
Great cases

These cases are great. Perfect for game boy advance games,but you could also use them for ds games no problem. I like that because the case is much bigger you can store a lot more inserts and it won’t pinch down on them as much.

Faricles (Austin, US)
Great for GBA

I really like these for GBA games. The spine thickness is 3mm thicker than original DS cases, which I think makes them even better for GBA games. I don't like the thickness for DS games though. I actually started using the white 3DS cases (also from CheckoutStore) for my ds games, and I really like how they turned out, and merge into my 3ds collection.

Covers are ideally printed on A4 paper since insert space is exactly 11 inches wide. For GBA games they are slightly looser than I would like. The game will stay put in the slot, but it might pop out of place due to the force of opening the case. It's a small annoyance, honestly small enough to continue purchasing this product due to the low price point, free shipping, and fantastic customer service from Checkoutstore. Anything else in the US wholesale market runs at over 3x this price. Unfortunately I can only use these for gameboy advanced games, so I still need to find bulk cases for gameboy/ gameboy color.

Joshua D.
Great Product!

These cases are a great alternative to OEM Nintendo cases. The quality is very good they display very nicely. The material is thinner and the spine is wider than the Nintendo originals. They feel flimsy, but hold up very well. I will likely be purchasing more in the future as the price-point is unbeatable.

Excellent cases

A little thicker in the spine than normal US DS cases but not quite as long either, so the labels still fit fine. Fit both DS and GBA games nicely, not to mention very easily modified to fit original gameboy or gameboy color games.

Video G.T.L.
Excellent replacement for DS or GBA Games

Its difficult to find good quality DS and GBA games. These cases are very good quality. Even though they are a little thicker then original DS games, they fit DS and GBA games very nicely. If you have, even limited, Photoshop skills you can resize scanned DS artwork to fit these cases.

Video G.T.L.
Acceptable for DS and GameBoy Advance

These are good average quality cases for GameBoy Advance and DS. The price is great and the only gripe i have is the spine thickness. There are not the same thickness of American DS game cases. I think, however, that they are the same as the European cases.